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Inexpensive Tips For Keeping Your Home Cooler

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A Guide To Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling

Local hardware stores are finding that customers are looking for ways to keep cool in the sweltering summer heat. People are buying fans and window units, but there are other inexpensive ways to stay cool.

When it comes to keeping your home cool this summer, the experts say keep it simple. The most obvious way to do that is to keep the bright sunlight out -- close the blinds or curtains. Homeowners say that's the first thing to do.

"I actually pulled the shades down this morning because I thought that kind of helped at keeping the house a bit cooler and not have to set the thermostat quite so low," says Kay Myers.

At Ace Hardware, Manager Lee Jones says customers are learning the benefits of having fans and window cooling units in the house.

"Probably the least expensive would be just a simple fan, move some air, get some relief," says Jones.

Even mild air movement of one mile an hour can make a person feel three to four degrees cooler. Joel Kinsch runs Elite Service, an air conditioning company.

"You can take and move your thermostat up a couple of degrees," he says. "It's a little warmer in the house but this will also keep energy costs down."

Joel reminds homeowners to turn their lights off when they are not needed and to use bulbs that don't emit lot of heat. Ceiling fans can come in handy, too.

"It'll help move air around the home, make evaporation on your skin, pull moisture a little faster, and make you feel cooler so you can keep the temperature a little higher."

On hot days of 95 degrees or more, the experts say don't turn up the thermostat more than three or four degrees. To do any more than that makes it too hard for the system to cool down again.

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