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"Since I was a teenager I've always believed," said Marilyn Carlson.

She and her husband Richard are just your usual retired couple, who happen to have an unusual past time.

"And we just happened to look at the edge of the roof and this bright light came across and it was about 5 seconds," said Richard.

They've vacationed near Area 51, and brought back the obligatory what-is-that-video?

"Our question is what kind of aircraft do we have that can do that?," she said, looking a white blur on the screen.

Questions that Marilyn tries to answer for Oklahomans as president of the state chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON.

"The dots on the map that we're looking at, that's over a period of how much time? Since 2003," she said, holding a map of Oklahoma.

Roughly 40 sightings in Tulsa, another 50 in Oklahoma City. What are people hoping for when they make a report to MUFON?

they're looking for an answer, they're looking for a way to make sense of what they saw or what they experienced.

"There's that blue thing in the sky," said a guy who posted some footage on Youtube. July, 2009, somewhere over Oklahoma.

"It's right over them trees where we were," he says.

And listen to what he says next about other witnesses.

"Those people have to see it," he says.

But even if others did see it, they might not tell anyone.

"And there are people that don't report it because they're afraid that their neighbors will find out they've seen something and think they're a little crazy, cause they saw something crazy," said Marilyn.

But if they do report it, MUFON will do a bona fide investigation.

"We do everything from going over the ground with a geiger counter to searching the star charts, to speaking to the local police stations," she said.

But so far, well, there obviously hasn't been any irrefutable evidence. In fact, you'd think in the age of Youtube someone would have posted something with a little more resolution than those stereotypical dots in the sky. Sure there's this footage, supposedly from Haiti, it's gotten 15 million hits, but most of the comments say fake, fake, fake.

"Where's our UFO footage?," she said.

And as nice as they were, and all the time that they've spent, and all the tapes that they've got, Marilyn and Richard don't have the smoking ray gun.

"People wake up in the morning and have marks that look like laser marks on their body," she said.

They also investigate alien abductions.

"There are some unusual things out there," she said.

And who knows, maybe one day this retired Mulder and Scully will rock the world some starlit night in their own backyard.

"And we set up our lawn chairs and we scan the sky," she said.

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