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Fast Forward - Transit Planning

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Transit was the buzz word, but future was the topic, with a crowd a who's who, including some from the past.

"I'm here because its always been a passion of mine, it's something I feel like I left undone when I left the mayor's office," said former Tulsa mayor Kathy Taylor.

Another former mayor on hand, Pat McCrory of Charlotte, North Carolina. Examples of his city's transit on display; great now, but the early stages? Downright painful.

"It's painful because it's a tough sell. It's tough to sell something on which you don't feel the pain yet of transportation issues, and economic development issues, and environmental issues," he said.

And maybe a little painful, cause it's something we sorta already had years ago.

"Back in the 20's, 30's 40's and early 50's there was a street-car system in Tulsa," said Tulsa city councilor Rick Westcott.

And now here we are 60 years later trying to get back to the future.

"I firmly believe that the city that competes the best for jobs in the future will be that city that also has a good transportation system," said McCrory.

"It's an expensive proposition but the return in terms of jobs, recruitment, having an edge in this region over other regions," said Taylor.

"It's not just money that we're going to pay out and throw down the rat hole, it's an investment in our economic future," said Westcott.

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