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Water Main Breaks Across Tulsa

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The City of Tulsa has had 29 water main breaks since yesterday. One of those was this morning at 21st and Wheeling. Water was rushing down the street and sidewalks were buckling. They have shut off the line but not before people in the area were without water.

"I was running a bath and all of a sudden the water pressure was gone so I turned it off and saver what I have," says Jane Gutridge.

The Gutridge's thought they had busted a pipe of their own. But looked out the window and saw the water rushing down. The City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Police Department were out there shutting down the street. Bob Guthridge says he has never seen anything like this before.

"Never this is amazing. I mean the sidewalk is bulked its rolling they are diverting traffic through the Utica Square its just nuts," says Bob.

Even though they were diverting traffic some people thought they should drive through the water and for one mechanical contractor he says that is something he would never do.

"No, no, no, I work for a mechanical contractor and I know better than to drive through water like that. I mean there could be a big sink whole and they go right off in I mean its no telling how deep it is right now," says Rick Mason of Berryhill.

Mason was visiting his mother at St. Johns and he said his mother was without water for a short time in the hospital. But the hospital does have another water line that feeds from Utica as a backup for cases like this. Mason says this type of break could cause some serious damage.

"It's a bad deal. I mean there's a big sink hole there because this water is coming out at that rate of speed its going to wash the pavement out and the pavement is going to collapse," says Mason.

Some of the other locations are:
408 E. 11th St.
218 S. Wheeling
527 S. Lakewood
Independence & Sheridan
3813 N. Lewis     
27th Pl. & Birmingham Pl.
Virgin & Highway 11
4803 E. Latimer Pl.
37th St. & Rockford
40th Pl. N. & Elgin
2404 E. 26th Pl.

If you see a water main break in your area call the Mayor's Action line at 918-596-2100.

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