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Waiting Child: At the Zoo With Branquez and D'fabio Video included

Questions and amazement were aplenty at the Tulsa Zoo as Branquez and D'Fabio got a tour and close and personal experiences with some of the animals.The two brothers, 12 and 9, are polite, friendly, and obviously inquisitive. And now, after this visit, they're big fans of the Tulsa Zoo.D'Fabio says his favorite part was petting animals. Both brothers are excited about returning to school. Branquez, who starts sixth grade, is very responsible for his age. He says, "I like to spend time reading... More>>

Waiting Child: Caring For Animals With Adrian

"You can put that down inside there. That's fine, there you go, good job!"Thanks to Dr. Erin Carley and Dr. John Lasarsky at the Mannford Animal Clinic, Adrian got a first hand opportunity to see what it's like to be a veterinarian. Sixteen-year-old Adrian cares as much for the animals as anyone can. And it's his love for animals that's helped him already choose a career path. "It was pretty fun, I got to interact with the animals and talk with people who know what they're doing," says Adrian... More>>

Waiting Child: Riding Horses With Robert Video included

Robert loves the outdoors and he loves horses. Thanks to Lindsay Vander Woude and My Son Rises Stable in Broken Arrow, Robert was able to enjoy both, on Macaroni."Just kind of brush it off, see how shiny it makes him?" asks Lindsay.Robert is very much at ease with horses and loves the outdoors, whether it's just playing outside or studying nature."What do you love about being outdoors?" asks Keith Taylor"Just looking around, finding bugs, sometimes lizards," says Robert.In other words, a typi... More>>

Waiting Child: Alberto Would Like to Jump Into a New Family Video included

Alberto spent the day having fun at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. More>>

Waiting Child: Behind the Scenes With Sean

After 86 years, the Circle Cinema on Lewis still stands as a beacon to movie goers. The spotlight on this day was shining on 16 year old Sean, who got the full tour thanks to the circles' Chuck Foxen.One of the things Sean said he liked was movies, and said it was pretty cool to go behind the scenes. "Mostly, I like scary movies, but I also like action and mystery movies. My favorite actors are Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt," explained Sean.When he's not watching movies, Sean loves to draw and rea... More>>

Nathan Flies High at Tulsa Air & Space Museum

We were barely in the Tulsa Air Space Museum before Nathan had found something exciting, the F-14 Tomcat, just like the plane Tom Cruise was shown in during the movie Top Gun.Nathan just turned 16 years old and he's very patriotic and very interested in the military, and especially military planes. And the F-14 may have been a memory maker."Getting to sit in that one, just getting to experience what it's like," explains Nathan.He tried out a number of exhibits its that required a light touch... More>>

Painting Cupcakes With Rayonna

Meet 11 year old Rayonna. Outgoing, sweet, and doesn't know the meaning of shy. We met up with her at Purple Glaze at Brookside where Jeff showed her the ropes and proper brush."This is cool 'cause it has all these statues that you can paint like cats, owls, frogs, Mickey, Sponge Bob," says Rayonna.Rayonna is doing well at school and says that recess and lunch are her favorites because she gets the chance to talk with her friends. Whether it's games, or hanging around outside, or just chattin... More>>

Incredible Pizza, Incredible Kid

David had a lot of fun at Incredible Pizza off 71st and Memorial, a gamer's paradise. David loves games. He says, "I just like having fun, I like racing games too. But I like basketball the most.David had so many choices, from basketball, to air hockey, to go cart racing and more.Seventeen year old David is in the 11th grade and, although video games a are lot of fun, he knows the importance of school and his teachers. "I like math, I like our teacher Mrs. Payne. When we don't understand some... More>>

Glass Blowing With John

Maybe it was just a coincidence that Tulsa Glass Blowing in the Brady District agreed to host John, probably not. Taking a lump of hot glass and turning it into something incredible is something they do every day. It's also what John needs in a family,someone with the patience, expertise and love to help this young man be his best."That glass cools very quickly. See all that broken stuff down there?" Kenneth Gonzales showed John the ropes and found out he was a natural."It was awesome," says ... More>>

Andrew PlaysGames and Goes Bowling

Andrew is a young man that feels comfortable in just about any situation. We learned that thanks to an afternoon of fun at Sheridan lanes shooting aliens in the video room nd knocking down pins in the lanes.Andrew is 13 and in the seventh grade, and like other boys his age, love sports especially the Thunder and Kevin Durant. Just don't ask him about a particular player on the Miami Heat."I do not like Lebron James, I don't."Andrew is just as comfortable in front of a large crowd as he is a s... More>>

Brandon at Dave and Busters

Brandon is a typical teenage boy, loves sports and video games and we were at the perfect place, Dave Busters near 71st and Hwy 169. If he wasn't shooting bad guys or robots, he was firing the football or shooting hoops.And hoops? His favorite especially the Thunder, he's been to two games already and his favorite player, not a shocker."Kevin Durant.....I guess. He's the best player on the team."Brandon is 14 years old, he'll celebrate number 15 in May, and he's a freshman in high school. He... More>>

Aiming For a Family

11 year old Nicholas, or nick as he wants to be called, is very bright and also very curious. Both traits served him well at JP's archery in downtown Sapulpa, off North Water. Thanks to David Nance's instruction and patience, Nick learned quickly."Hey, OK. See those two arrows? Yeah. That's a group, that's good," says David.Not a new found hobby yet, Nick would have kept shooting for hours."The hardest part I would have to say is holding you fingers so long. It pulls on your fingers so it hur... More>>

Ericka Goes Bowling

13 year old Ericka is not into video games, instead loves being active, and on this day, that means bowling at Andy B's on South Lewis, where they're always gracious enough to host us."Alright may the luckiest person win."When Tulsa Schools are back in session, Ericka will begin the eighth grade and already knows what's important once she returns to class."My grades."Not that she has to worry about them, Ericka takes great pride in being responsible and working hard. There is one class she's ... More>>

Future Performer Tyrie

For 17 year old Tyrie, getting to be on stage was a dream come true. Made possible by Tulsa Performing Arts Center Director John Scott, who gave us a tour of the entire facility.Tyrie is a huge fan of musicals, especially Annie and Oklahoma. Not surprisingly, Oklahoma is her favorite song."I'm not going to sing it, your trying to get me to sing."Which is surprising since Tyrie admits, she doesn't know a stranger, she loves to talk and the biggest benefit she says."Um, get to know people, how ... More>>

Beaded Love- Kei'era Video included

"I want to make one of these two. Aren't they fun? Uh-huh." 11 year old Kei'era is in paradise......also known as the Beach Merchant at the corner of 15th and Delaware. There are literally thousands of More>>

Video Game Wizard Video included

"(shot) There we go. Let's do this!" Meet Jaymond......self described video game lover who may have discovered paradise at Andy B's near the ORU campus on South Lewis. I love them so much I could play More>>

Bowling Brothers

"roll it alongside the gutter alright? Going to cheat. Roll it fast." Brothers Zach and Josh are separated by a little more than three years and about a foot in height. Yet there's no doubt these two More>>

Beaded Love, Kei'era

"I want to make one of these two. Aren't they fun? Uh-huh." 11 year old Kei'era is in paradise......also known as the Beach Merchant at the corner of 15th and Delaware. There are literally thousands of More>>

A Diamond in the Rough Video included

"I want to make one of these two. Aren't they fun? Uh-huh." 11 year old Kei'era is in paradise......also known as the Beach Merchant at the corner of 15th and Delaware. There are literally thousands of More>>

Jaymond Wants a Chance

"(shot) There we go. Let's do this!" Meet Jaymond......self described video game lover who may have discovered paradise at Andy B's near the ORU campus on South Lewis. "I love them so much I could play More>>

Trio Looks for Home

This trio wants to stay together. Brothers Keeonal, 11 and six year old Qualaun don't get to see their 8 year old sister Makayla as much as they'ld like. That's why their trip to Bounce U at 91st and More>>



Meet 11 year old Steven, whose interests are........everything.....especially recycling. "I like to recycle more than you can ever imagine." Which was a no brainer for Jacob at Metropolitan Environmental More>>

Picture of Kindness: Kimberly


"good, now look through it." Sixteen year old Kimberly is an aspiring photographer. And for this shutter bug, Montag Photography's new Broken Arrow location was the place to be.... "(click).....that's More>>

Breanna Goes Incredible


"I think I'm going to mess up. No your not, be yourself." What she may lack in self confidence, 12 year old Breanna makes up for with intelligence and kindness, she is always smiling. She's also having More>>



16 year old Miranda likes music and tv, but loves playing games. So, what better place to meet this outgoing young lady than Andy B's on South Lewis. "on these it's pretty hard." Miranda has had her More>>



"When I come to this place I get all this energy, because I've always wanted one." 10 year old Kirsten loves stuffed animals and has quite the collection at her foster home. But it was her first time More>>



'Kisses horse and hugs her' 15 year old Kathy loves animals, loves animals....dogs, cats...but she really loves horses. We found out how much at the Double L Ranch in Mounds, where Lisa Ann Yost offers More>>



Eraina has seen more than her share of ups and downs in 11 years....but this sweet ball of energy was certainly flying high when we met up at Diva Girlz Studio on East 15th Street. Kaitlyn and the folks More>>

Three Great Kids


A trip to the zoo is special at any age, and the folks at the Tulsa zoo gave us the tour to end all tours. Our three kids, ten year old Erick, his nine year old sister antonisha and six year old sister More>>



Shalynn is artistic, creative and loves to use her hands........the art play center at 41st and memorial seemed the perfect place to take a young girl whose a little shy at first, but dazzles all with More>>



Fifteen months ago, kassie, 11 years old at the time was featured in our waiting child segment with carol Lambert. Kassie was a guest of the purple glaze on brookside. I just love all that stuff. More>>

Karate Kid


Armani is an athletic, active 13 year old boy. The perfect place to let him burn off some of that youthful energy, Apollo's Karate at 51st and Mingo. Instructor John Cook, a sixth degree black belt was More>>

Four Great Kids


Meet Cory, Colton, Nicholas and Emilee. Four beautiful children who are active, bright and inquisitive. When we met with them at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, they were in shark heaven, especially More>>



Whether it's the chimps or the turtles or the rhino or the elephant.....it's difficult to choose your favorite animal at the Tulsa Zoo, just ask Christina. "Every single animal is my favorite at More>>



Fifteen-year-old Kathy loves animals, dogs, cats... but she REALLY loves horses. More>>

Waiting Child Success Story


It was April of 2010 when NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert first met three beautiful sisters. They were hoping to be adopted together.  Mia said she liked to read.. especially the Bible.  Hailey enjoyed More>>

Waiting Child Michael & Christopher


NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took our Waiting Children, Michael and Christopher to Bounce U of Tulsa on South Memorial.  It was the perfect place for these active brothers.  Michael and Christopher are More>>

Waiting Child Marissa


Marissa is a pretty name for a pretty girl.  And, since this 15 year old enjoys arts and crafts, Color Me Mine Paint Studio, at the Jenks Riverwalk, invited her to be their guest.NewsChannel 8's Carole More>>

Waiting Child Eric

Photo by Jack Fain Photo by Jack Fain

Eric is a handsome 11 year old, and there's hardly a sport he doesn't love.  So, Jenks Youth Baseball instructor, Mike Ponio, met Eric and NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert at the ballfield for some batting More>>

Waiting Child Jonathon


NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took our waiting child, Jonathon, to Premier Popcorn on South Harvard.  Owner Tom Phillips made it so much fun for  Jonathon to enjoy a behind the scenes visit. More>>

Waiting Child Reunion


If you were ever featured on NewsChannel 8's "Waiting Child" adoption program, you're invited to a "Waiting Child Reunion".  We'd love to get everyone together to celebrate the joy of adoption!Last October More>>

Waiting Child Zachary


Our Waiting Child, Zachary, who likes to be called Zach, was thrilled with his first lesson in martial arts.  Instructor Chris Norman, at Apollo's Karate in south Tulsa, explained how it helps you learn More>>

Waiting Child Dathan


NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert  arranged for waiting child Dathan to have a great experience testing his athletic skills.  They went to JP Archery in Sapulpa, where co-owner David Nance gave Dathan some More>>

Waiting Children L'Reeya & Tomea


The Tulsa Historical Society is currently showcasing a wonderful traveling children's exhibit, "The Big Adventure".  So, NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert wanted to be sure and let R'Leeya and Tomea experience More>>

Waiting Children Featured on Billboard


It was the summer of '09 when NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert first introduced us to  Aujinee, and twins, Candace and Jamell.  The twins were getting ready for the first grade, and Aujinee was going into More>>



Andy B's of Tulsa has hosted many of our waiting children, and this time, Victorya got to work with bowling instructor, Christina Holcomb. More>>

Waiting Child Monasia


Monasia says art is her favorite subject, so Mary Jo Luster, at the Red Fork Art Gallery, gave her a lesson to help her create her own painting. It was easy to see that for Monasia, it's more than just enjoying art, she shows a lot of talent. More>>

Waiting Child Lalita & Jaquea


NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took our waiting children, Lalita and Jaquea to Box Portrait Gallery in Sapulpa, where Gary and Pamela Box gave these sisters a lasting way to remember this Christmas. More>>

Waiting Child Kassie


The folks at Purple Glaze in Brookside always have an open door for our Waiting Children.  So, that's where NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took Kassandra.  For Kassandra, who likes to be called Kassie, More>>

Waiting Child Success Story!


Since 1980, NewsChannel 8 has aired our weekly waiting child program.  Carole Lambert features special needs children, like Katie, who want to be adopted.  Our waiting children are in permanent custody More>>

Waiting Child Kalil & Edward


JRP Speedway in West Tulsa is a family affair with father and son operating the go kart business, so they were more than happy to host our waiting children, Kalil and Edward.  And, these brothers More>>

Waiting Child Rose


Our Waiting Child, Rose, loves arts and crafts.  So, NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took her to Alouette Unique Bead Shop, at 91st and Memorial.  They were most happy to host her and help her create More>>

Waiting Child Christopher


"Here's a bunch of the famous people, we have of course Sam Bradford, you remember him?  Yes."Our Waiting Child, Christopher is a huge O-U fan, so NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took him to the perfect More>>

Waiting Child Kialee


"Let's see, I want you to put your feet there, bring your knee up, put your arms, yes, there you go."NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took Kialee to Laura Hahn, at Photography by Laura, for a professional More>>

Waiting Child Rikki and Dani


Rikki and Dani are just of the hundreds of waiting children hoping to find adoptive homes. More>>

Sarah Video included


Heidi Contreras runs a wonderful art school in Brookside.  And, she was thrilled to give our waiting child, Sarah, her first official lesson.  And, to top it off, Heidi was very impressed in Sarah's talent. More>>

Alexis and Daniel


Jack Rogers and other members of the Tulsa Glue Dobbers had our Waiting Children flying high on a recent sunny afternoon. More>>



NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert learned that Alex loves to fish.  So, his first ever trout fishing experience was arranged. More>>

Tulsa's Channel 8 has aired its weekly Waiting Child program since 1980. The children featured are in permanent custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and are looking for adoptive homes.

The children have special needs or are considered hard to place because of their age or because a sibling group wants to be adopted together.

The Waiting Child program was developed in 1980 by former news anchor Bob Hower, who also wrote the lyrics to the song, which was performed by Grammy-nominated recording artist Oleta Adams.

Upon Hower's retirement, Carole Lambert took the reigns of the program, which has resulted in more than four-thousand children being adopted since its inception.

Today, Keith Taylor continues producing the segments, which air weekly Wednesdays in the 4 p.m. newscast and Saturdays at 10 p.m.

If you would like adoption information, call Tulsa County DHS Child Welfare at 800-376-9729 or check out the DHS website at www.okdhs.org/adopt.
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