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Security Camera Captures Fatal Shooting


We're learning more about Tuesday night's fatal shooting at a Tulsa convenience store in which the gunman is claiming self defense.

Police say Travion Byrd was shot to death after arguing with a former reserve officer inside the store, located at 5th and Lewis. That former reserve officer eventually fired the fatal shots.

Today we were told the two had a history. Last year, the officer worked as a security guard and had helped arrest Byrd. And, we're told they had been arguing ever since. But this time, one of them was silenced forever.

Moe's Grill is open for business today. There is no sign this was the scene of a fatal shooting, but a security camera captured it all.

"I opened the door for him, let him come in and then he said 'cop, cop'," the store owner told NewsChannel 8.

He showed us the video tape, how he held the door for 22-year-old Travion Byrd. He walked straight over to Donald Gray.

"They were just cussing each other and I'm just begging them, both of them please stop."

On the video, you see the two going back and forth. Police say at some point, Byrd raised his shirt and showed a gun. And you can see Gray with his weapon in hand.

"They were just arguing and threatening each other," the owner says. "And then when I went to help the customer, it just happened. Bam bam bam."

We're not showing all the video. It's too graphic. But police say there was a gun lying next to Byrd once he was down. The question is was it self defense?

"I would say yes," the store owner says. "But, he was more aggressive than that."

How aggressive? The store owner says the shots continued once Byrd was down.

"I still scream at him, 'don't you not see he is dead?'"

Once it was over, Gray walked back to the counter, put the gun down and went outside.

The store owner is cooperating with police and has given them a copy of the video tape so they can determine if the shooting was in self defense.

We're told Gray had a license to carry a concealed weapon. He has not been arrested, nor charged in the case.

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