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Karate Kid

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Armani is an athletic, active 13 year old boy. The perfect place to let him burn off some of that youthful energy, Apollo's Karate at 51st and Mingo. Instructor John Cook, a sixth degree black belt was just the person to teach Armani what the sport is about.......

Loyalty, respect and discipline..

Armani has been knocked down by life, but he's never given up and maintains a steadfast smile and warmth. As for things he likes to do.......like most boys his age, Armani loves sports.....

 "basketball, track and football. Track is second? What's first? First is basketball, NBA, Thunder."

And his favorite player? It may surprise you, including his reason.

 "westbrook. Most people say Durant, why westbrook? Because Westbrook was hot headed and cooled down a little bit and followed behind Kevin Durant. So I got to give him respect on that."

When it comes to the type of family Armani would like to adopt him......he's not quite sure......but having a good family and being a standup husband, dad and student are all important and in his plans.

 "I want to be a lawyer, I want to graduate have a good family. It's important to learn and go to college."

The type of lawyer he wants to be is also important.

 "some stick up for people, others be lying. I'm going to help them, but I'm not going to help them lie. If they did something guilty, then they're guilty."

 "good job. You're awesome."

 If you'ld like to be the forever family for a young man willing to give his all for the right family, call 866-612-2565 for more information on Armani or any of the kids we've featured on waiting child.

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