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"When I come to this place I get all this energy, because I've always wanted one."

10 year old Kirsten loves stuffed animals and has quite the collection at her foster home. But it was her first time to actually make one exactly the way she wants.

Alyssa from Build a Bear workshop in Woodland Hills mall was kind enough to show us the ropes.

Kirsten decided on this hello kitty bear and was quick to think of a name.

 "miss Nikki Allison. That's important because that's my teachers."

Which is why her stuffed animals are so special.....each one a memory of a person or place.

 "they're important to me because they remind me of some of my families. I have families I don't get to see anymore."

Nikki Allison now has a new home thanks to Build A Bear......Kirsten is hoping and praying she's next.

 "I want to be adopted. What are your thoughts? I want to be, I want to be adopted. I want to be with those families."

She also loves going to school.....Kirsten says her favorite part is.......

 "math and free time and art. Math, art and science...everything in the whole wide school."

Don't worry about Kirsten not coming to the dinner table...unlike a lot of kids, Kirsten says she's not a picky eater.

 "I like any food in the whole wide world. What's special food wise? I don't have specially. You just like everything? SHAKES HEAD AND SMILES"

 If you would like more information on Kirsten or any of the children featured on waiting child, call 866-612-2565.


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