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Many Pool Owners Looking At Saltwater

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If you've ever flown over the Tulsa area, you know there are a lot of swimming pools out there.

These days many don't use the tradition chlorine system to keep the water clean and clear.

As technology improves a growing number of pool owners are switching to saltwater.

It sanitizes the water by adding salt to the pool.

When the salt water passes over a metal electrolysis plate in the pool equipment, it creates a chlorine treatment that much easier on swimmers and the budget.

Darren Hasz of Baker Pools says the majority of the pools they build are now using salt.

While it costs about $1700 more in construction expenses, lower maintenance pays back the investment in a hurry.

The salt that goes into the pool only costs four of five dollars a bag.

While old fashion chlorine tablets are very expensive.

Pool owner Tad Fifer says he'd recommend the system, because it's cheaper to operate and it requires a lot less maintenance time.

Plus, there's no more problem with red eyes or dry skin.

The saltwater system provides a softer water that much easier on the swimmer.

But saltwater pools are not maintenance free.

Hasz notes that salt pools use more muratic acid because keeping the water's PH level balance in crucial.

But like the bags of salt, bottles of acid are relatively inexpensive.


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