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Gazpacho "Andaluz"

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This is from the time Columbus and his buddy Cortez brought back the riches from the "New Country."  Remember, the Spaniards were responsible for many products introduced to Europe.

1 ea.  Standard Kitchen Bar Blender

1 ea. Fine Conical Sieve


2lbs ripe tomatoes

1/2 peeled and deseeded cucumber

2-4 cloves, peeled garlic, green shoot removed

1 ea. Anaheim pepper, chunked, deseeded

1-2 Slices white bread, decrusted

Sherry Vinegar or White Wine Vinegar, Approx.. 3/4 cup

Sea Salt To Taste

1-2 Cups Ice

Spanish Olive oil,  Approx.. 1 1/2 cup, possibly 2

  • Cut all ingredients into small pieces, place into blender
  • Blend on med speed, until smooth, season
  • Place blender on high, and adjust viscosity with more ice, season
  • Slowly drizzle olive oil until a beautiful orange color is achieved, (should smell fresh, taste, and adjust till a thinner "Tomato Juice" consistency is achieved.
  • Strain through your sieve and serve in Frozen Glasses or Glazed Terra Cotta Vessels
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