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OU/TX Twitter Updates and Reactions

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Sports reporter John Moss snapped this shot before the OU/TX game began Sports reporter John Moss snapped this shot before the OU/TX game began
KTUL photographer Bryan Clemmer took this photo at the OU/TX game in Dallas. KTUL photographer Bryan Clemmer took this photo at the OU/TX game in Dallas.

The Red River Rivalry kicked off today in Dallas with Oklahoma leading Texas throughout the game. OU wrapped up the game with a total of 63 points and Texas, scoring a touchdown in the last few seconds of the game, ending with 21 points.

Here are some of OU/TX fan's reactions to the game so far:

Fourth Quarter Update:

@rsplenda477 tweeted, "In the last 2 years, #Oklahoma has outscored #Texas 118-38. #TEXvsOU #SoonerDomination"

@Arahsay sent out a positive tweet, "Way to end the game boys... Go out strong! #TEXvsOU"

@chrisMmtg tweeted, "Case wants it #TEXvsOU"

@SamaiyahJoy tweeted, "ABC announcer: "The game was over roughly 3 hours ago" #outx"

@jaiseyoung tweeted, "Texas couldn't hang with anything we gave them today! 63-15 #TEXvsOU"

Score now Oklahoma 56, Texas 15. @ohbabycole tweeted, "Case McCoy should have started today. Lol #RedRiverRivalry #TexVsOu #OuvsTex"

@Chiggyletsdoit tweeted, "Can buffalo wild wings make this #TexvsOU go into overtime??"

@cassyrose tweeted, "Oh my word.. The Texas side is empty. #TEXvsOU #RedRiverRivalry"

@Maxxamillian tweeted, "Great, now our QB is injured & outta the game. What a bad day for #Longhorns. #Hookem #TEXvsOU #RedRiverRivalry"

@crowehomes tweeted, "#Texas looks so bad, #Oklahoma so good. No points given up by #OU defense. #TEXvsOU"

@El_C0nquistador tweeted, "Bevo is sterile #TEXvsOU #Sooners"

@LinneainTX tweeted, "And I've moved on to other things... Pinterest, namely. #TEXvsOU"

@_kristi_g tweeted, "the pains of having friends in different zipcodes. #TrashTalk #TEXvsOU #NotWinning"


Third Quarter Update:

@aneusaenger tweeted, "Always a horrible sight to see someone taken off the field not moving on the cart. #TEXvsOU"

@belleablonde said, "Prayers to the Texas player! #TEXvsOU"

@joebrown_90 tweeted, "You know I hate Texas but I hate seeding a guy leaving the game on a cart. I hope he is okay #TEXvsOU #CollegeFootball"

@JDittyTheTexan tweeted, "Horns defenders are pretending they're matadors at a bullfight, apparently refusing to tackle any Sooner with the ball. #TEXVsOU"

@tannerdodson tweeted, "I'm a Bob Stoops fan, but how can you NOT be after a whooping like this!? #TEXvsOU"

@Mattd6481 tweeted, "Red River Blowout. #TEXvsOU"

@JDittyTheTexan tweeted with 7 minutes and 30 seconds left in the quarter, "So far in the second half, UT's defense forced a turnover and prompted OU to kick for three. A slight improvement from earlier. #TEXVsOU"

OU fan @itsthedeLAURean staying positive tweeting, "OU is going to win this one!! #TEXvsOU"

@PurpleMonkey926 tweeted some encouraging words at Texas, "Don't let them beat you this half Horns. This is OUR house. Not theirs. Show 'em what we're made of. #TEXvsOU" and it seemed to work. "THAT'S THE WAY! TOUCHDOWN HORNS! #hookem #TEXvsOU"


At the Half:

@CapnAHemm tweeted, "#TEXvsOU...Texas fans better not overreact and be calling for Mack Brown's job over this game. That would be mighty foolish."

@GrainAx tweeted, "BOOMer Sooner!!.. #UT can't tackle #OU, so the fans are headed out to tackle the fried food on the midway. #TEXvsOU #Mismatch"

@allenbruggman tweeted, "Bob Stoops at halftime: "Its's been pretty good..." #understatementofyear #TEXvsOU"


Update: 12:41 p.m.

@davidfunk74 tweeted "Love that Stoops is still very intense coaching his guys out there. Still gotta finish it strong out there. #Sooners #TEXvsOU #Texas

@allenbruggman is already making predictions tweeting, "Alright there's 1:30 left in 1st half, I predict a 64-9 final score #TEXvsOU"

@Wymore "I never thought 36-2 could feel like 5,000-0. #TEXvsOU"

@Koleman_Evans22 tweeted, "Who knew that the #RedRiverRivalry would be 36-2 #Sooner  with 3:28 left to go in the 1st half?? Come on #Horns! #TEXvsOU"


Update: 12:34 p.m.

@ReneOlivarez tweeted, "Dammm OU is stepping it up hardcore 29 to 2 #TEXvsOU"

@kpistol20 tweeted, "Texas gettin hooked by Oklahoma! #TEXvsOU #CFB" 

@martypierce tweeted, "Wow Texas fans already leaving the building. #TEXvsOU #oops"


Update: 12:30 p.m.

@carloscanto tweeted, "OU gets that blocked PAT 2 pt conversion back with a safety of their own. This is a pretty wacky game. #TEXvsOU"

@AngryIokki tweeted, "Got the 2 pts back!!! #TEXvsOU"

@UT_Defense tweeted, "chernobyl #TEXvsOU #hookem"


Update: 12:21 p.m.

@rgtrevolt said, "Nothing better than waking up to see OU up 27-2 on Texas. #TEXvsOU #RedRiverRivalry"

‏@hallowdBthyname tweeted, "BELLDOZER!! #TEXvsOU"

@RogueWatson tweeted, "Somebody call the cops! Texas is being murdered in broad daylight. #TEXvsOU #RedRiverRivalry"

‏@GShermanTREY9 tweeted, "I know I didn't accidentally hit play on my DVR from #texvsOu last year #Bloodyawful"

@timkight tweeted, "Everything is bigger in Texas, including beatdowns. #TEXvOU" 

Kevin (@LonghornDigest) said, "End of quarter here. Oklahoma is up 13-2."

Erick (@erick_smith) said, "Impressive start for Oklahoma. Playing fast and punching first against Texas. Longhorns need something positive soon.

Alison (@AlisonHight) tweeted, "First quarter dominated by Oklahoma? That's what I want to hear for the rest of the game!"

Carlos (@CarlosJR) rooting for UT tweeted, "We all know Texas doesn't fall off the map because Oklahoma sucks so Hook'em Horns! #TEXvsOU #RedRiver"

Eric (@BIGTHNKR) tweeted "I'm alive, at my house, looking at football on my TV, watching Texas Longhorns vs Oklahoma Sooners. Life is good."


Let us know what you thought about today's game.




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