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A Diamond in the Rough

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"I want to make one of these two. Aren't they fun? Uh-huh."

11 year old Kei'era is in paradise......also known as the Beach Merchant at the corner of 15th and Delaware. There are literally thousands of choices to build your own necklace, ear rings or bracelet, thankfully Kei'era with the help of owner Susanne was able to put something together.

 "I like pink, since it's my favorite color, this one goes with this one."

Kei'era is in fifth grade and when she's not putting together jewelry she's watching tv, coloring or playing outside. She's also very polite.

 "have you always been that way? It's important. Why? Because if i'm polite other people will be polite to me."

She makes friends easily and has a number of friends at school where she enjoys reading and sometimes math.

 "the only thing I like about math are fractions and decimals."

Kei-era would also like to add a home to the equation......one that includes a mom and dad and younger siblings.

 "A home that's going to make me happy. What would that be? Someone who cares about me and who knows whats happened to me."

 "is that skill or beginners luck? Luck. (laugh)."

Kei-era said she wants her parents to be involved in her life, taking her to cheerleading or dance or soccer, but she also wants them to be there for her when she needs a hug.


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