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Bixby High School Student Publishing First Book

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A Bixby high school student is in the the process of publishing her first book to be sold online and in a national bookstore.

Kali Ritchey, who describes herself as having a vivid imagination, is having her book published through KidPub. She has just received the first draft back from the company and expects she and the publisher will exchange the manuscript a number of times before the book goes public.

Ritchey, daughter of Bixby residents Richard and Jody Stewart, loves science fiction although she says it can sometimes become complicated. “The easiest is fantasy, and it’s a lot of fun,” she added.

The Bixby Bulletin, Tulsa's Channel 8's community newspaper partner, reported that the name of the book is Dunder Academy, a five-year military academy. The storyline revolves around four characters. One of them attends the academy, and a sibling works for the president.

It is science fiction, however, which she put to words to share with others.

According to the report published by the Bixby Bulletin, Tulsa's Channel 8's community newspaper partner, once everything is complete, the book will be sold on as well as at Barnes and Noble.

“They will provide a cover and then send it to me to see if I like it,” said Ritchey.

Ritchey laughs when asked if the book contains any creatures. By all means yes. One of them is named Nylon. He’s red with golden eyes. The other one is a chameleon.

The science fiction piece includes some reading of minds and at least two wars, one in the past and one in the present.

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