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Local Reaction to Dusten Brown's Decision

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With Dusten Brown's decision to stop all legal action, the question is what will life be like for all families? Some think Veronica should still be with Brown and others who are adopted say it's time to get to a stable environment.

"It doesn't need to be drug on forever that just makes it more complicated and they need to be able to get on with their lives," Laura Windle said.

"She needs a home. More importantly above everything else, she needs a home and to be secure I just don't know where she belongs," Krissy Waldhoer said.

Others say it's now all about Veronica.

"It should have always been about her and what was best for her," Len Wade said.

Wade knows first hand what it's like to be adopted and said Dusten Brown did the right thing.

"I think it's best that he finally admit to that he was wrong and go ahead and give up on that," Wade said.

There was one loan person holding a sign in support of Dusten Brown during his announcement in Tulsa Thursday morning. Mindy Hull supports Brown doesn't think adoption was right in this case.

"Adoption is suppose to be for children that don't have a home and don't have parents that can raise them, but Veronica has a father that can raise her and wants to raise her can raise her and that's her home and that's where she should be," Mindy Hull said.

But others said Veronica likely doesn't understand why all of this is happening, she just needs one place to stay.

"There is no doubt that she is loved and she knows that she is loved but she just needs a stable environment," Wade said, "She is not going back and forth from one parent to another. She knows who her parents are. She can get on with her life."

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