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Family Grieves Loss of Six-Year-Old Who Fell Through the Ice

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South Tulsa - The father of the six-year-old boy that fatally fell through ice over the weekend shared more information about his son with Channel 8 Monday.

The man was still too upset over the loss of his son to speak on camera or share a photograph. However, he said the boy's name is Jorge Luna.

Jorge and his 11-year-old brother fell into the creek behind their apartment complex off 71st and Riverside Saturday. The brother was able to escape. Emergency crews recovered the body of the six-year-old after about 30 minutes.

The father said the boys were playing behind the family's apartment with friends. He said his wife was home at the time, but she was not neglectful. Officer Jillian Roberson with Tulsa Police said there are no charges against her.

"These were two young boys that told their mom they were going to go out and play in the snow, and you know, with them being so curious, you just have to remember that these young minds are going to find that to be curious," Roberson said.

Jorge's father wants to see a fence constructed between the area apartment complexes and the creek.

Police said the Department of Human Services is looking into the situation. DHS said it is working with Tulsa Police but could not elaborate.

Police said this tragedy is a reminder that walking on iced-over water is dangerous, especially in Oklahoma.

"Just before this storm, we had 60 degree weather. So that water is going to be warmer, the ground temperature is going to be warmer, so we're not going to be able to develop the ice thickness that other states maybe would," Roberson said.

The Foxfire Apartments did not comment on the incident. A manager said she would pass along Channel 8's information to the company's ownership group. As of 5:45 p.m., no one has phoned the station for comment.

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