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Icy Conditions Bring Concerns Over Liability

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Snow in McAlester. Snow in McAlester.

The ice left over from the recent winter weather is creating hazards, beyond just driving. Anyone, anywhere, can find themselves with property damage caused by icy conditions, raising questions about who is responsible.

"Having insurance is really for that 'rainy day' - the day that we all hope just passes by and doesn't affect us - but sometimes, that's not the case," said Danial Karnes with AAA Oklahoma. When that so-called, "rainy day" does find you, Karnes says, you need to be prepared. "[That's] when you go in and you have that conversation with your agent to make sure you know that you're covered for anything that might happen."

With most of northeastern Oklahoma still seeing significant amounts of ice, a 'slip-and-fall', or a car sliding out of control, is not unlikely. But, when it happens on someone else's property, who is responsible for the damages? "Let's say, I didn't want to walk on the sidewalk because I saw there was ice there," said Karnes. "So, I take a jog through your yard. Well, if I wasn't invited onto your property and, yet, I fall and hurt myself and I try to make a claim on your insurance, it may or may not be paid."

Karnes says, the outcome can, sometimes, be anything but 'cut-and-dry.' "There's all of those different situations and every claim is handled on a case-by-case basis, so one slip and fall on one person's property may not be the same as a slip and fall in somebody else's."

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