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Holocaust Education Group Commemorates 75th Anniv. of 'Kristallnacht'

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The Council for Holocaust Education hosted an event at the Jewish Federation of Tulsa to commemorate the night when over 7,000 businesses were vandalized, dozens of people killed and over 250 synagogues burned down.

75 years ago on Nov. 9, the Night of Broken Glass or 'Kristallnacht' took place. Kristallnacht is often noted as the beginning of the Holocaust.

Eva Unterman, the chair for the Council, stated that the performance consists of a review of the tragic event led by TU professor Dr. Joseph Bradley and a dramatic reading of a fictional story written the same year of Kristallnacht.

The short novella, Address Unknown by Katherine Pressman Taylor, was read by Randy Whalen and David Virili. Taylor's story is one of the first to indicate Nazism during that time.

Unterman, a child who survived the Holocaust, stated that events like these are important so people continue to remember the victims and survivors.

"We need to remember," Unterman said. "We need to remember because of all of the victims that perished during the [Holocaust]...most Jewish children in Nazi occupied Europe, about a million and half Jewish boys and girls were killed."

The council works with middle and high school teachers to continue to educate the youth on what led to the murder of 6 million Jewish people and 7 million others killed during World War II.

"We have to impress on our young generation, future generation of leaders what bigotry, hatred, indifference can lead to," Unterman said.

The Jewish Federation of Tulsa's Council focuses on providing education about the Holocaust to the Tulsa community through the education of teachers, hosting an annual Inferfaith Yom Hashoah Commemoration event and partnering with local organizations.

"We have to sensitive to other people's, not problems, but our problems perceiving of the other as someone less worthy than life, liberty than we are," Unterman said. "That's the legacy of the Holocaust. We must honor and respect everybody on this planet."

For more information, check out their website at www.jewishtulsa.org.
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