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City Works Two Massive Water Line Breaks

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It started sometime in the middle of the night, a 16 inch water main buried deep, but not entirely out of reach of Old Man Winter.

"Things contract when they get cold, and it shrinks, that causes movement, and movement causes the lines to break," said city of Tulsa employee Paul Strizek.

And a break at 4th and Cheyenne had an immediate impact.

"It's devastating for a small restaurant," said the manager of Coney Island.

Looking for a Coney today? Sorry, no water, no dogs. A message of closure echoed to the folks over at Casa Laredo.

"And I said what are you talking about?" said the owner when he learned that he would have to close for the day.

And that was a mild reaction compared to what must have been said when the folks at the Mayo saw what was happening down in their basement garage.

"We had about 10 cars that had about 3 feet of water right up to them," said Jake Baldwin of The Mayo

If that wasn't enough, by mid afternoon it was déjà vu at 21st and Riverside.

"Usually you don't have two large diameter line breaks in one day," said John Richardson of the city of Tulsa.

And yet, there it was, another 16 inch break, soaking the ground so much they propped up a light pole to make sure it didn't fall over, and shut down a section of Riverside that looked like an actual river. Repair time?

"A real good rule of thumb is an hour to the inch," he said.

Which means a break like this could take up to 16 hours.

"We were hoping that perhaps they'd get the water back on, soon, but that's not going to happen," said the manager at Coney Island.

A day of massive headaches. If only there was some water around to take some aspirin.

"I'm not going to start crying. I just ironically say it's Friday the 13th," said the owner of Casa Laredo.

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