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How the Government Wasted $30 Billion, According to Sen. Coburn

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Sen. Tom Coburn Sen. Tom Coburn

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn says NASA employees should watch Schoolhouse Rock if they need to know how a bill becomes a law instead of spending $3 million on a project about how Congress works.

The project is just one of the examples from Coburn's annual list of what he considers the most wasteful government projects.

Released today, Wastebook 2013 highlights $30 billion in government projects that Coburn described as questionable or low-priority.

“While politicians in Washington spent much of 2013 complaining about sequestration’s impact on domestic programs and our national defense, we still managed to provide benefits to the Fort Hood shooter, study romance novels, help the State Department buy Facebook fans and even help NASA study Congress,” Coburn said.

“There is more than enough stupidity and incompetence in government to allow us to live well below the budget caps. What’s lacking is the common sense and courage in Washington to make those choices – and passage of fiscally-responsible spending bills – possible.”

You can view the full report on Coburn’s website.

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