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Big Thaw Brings Falling Ice Across Green Country

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They drive everywhere, and Tuesday Tulsa's taxi drivers noticed what was happening everywhere.

"They're falling from lights and different bridges, they're falling hit on my windshield," said Salman Kahn.

After days of clinging to everything on high, the ice was finally melting.

"People don't clean up their cars really well and driving down the highway just a little wind will pick up the ice like off the top of the car, and just the next thing you know there's a big boom in your windshield," said Kamel Aljabor.

"I have a big truck in front of me, they have, they don't clear the top of it, there's a big sheet come out and zoom, like that," said Kahn.

At Channel 8 when things start to heat up, the ice falls off the tower, and it's quite a spectacle to watch.

"Yeah it looks like it's raining, but it's really actually just ice melting and just falling down," said Aljabor.

So look up, and look out, cause Santa may not be the only thing flying through the air.

"It's really beautiful scenery but you know you get all the uh, hopefully no damage to the car and stuff like that," said Aljabor.

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