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Trash Sorting Can Be Complicated After Christmas

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On curbs the day after Christmas is trash and lots of it.

But what goes where? It is also one of the most confusing times for recyclers.

"There's tons of this Christmas packaging material that's recyclable but often there's a lot of stuff inside the cardboard boxes that isn't recyclable so it kind of gets mixed up," says New Solutions' Gary Percefull. 

Mixed up trash is not good for anyone. Let's start with what to do about the cardboard. You should break it down and place it in the blue recycle carts. Now here's where the problem comes in. 

"A lot of times the plastic bags inside of packaging boxes the peanuts the Styrofoam material that isn't recyclable  and can cause a lot of problems for the recycling plant if it gets mixed in," says Percefull.\

It can be hard to keep straight, but here's an idea that can make it easier  for you. Try to feed the recycling bins around town. You can put anything in there that's recyclable including packaging materials. We found this one the TTCU at Pine and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Holiday wrapping paper is another challenge. Almost all types of paper are recyclable in our current Tulsa program with the exception of the metallic foil wrapping paper.

"That can't be separated from the paper and it really makes it difficult to recycle. So we're encouraging folks with a lot of wrapping paper with the metallic pieces and overlay to go ahead and put that in the trash because it's very hard to handle it at the recycling plant," adds Percefull.
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