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Blanket Drive For War Torn Syria

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The horror is half a world away, but it has hit home for Noah Roberts.

"Watching thousands of people line up for a lottery for one blanket per family," he said.

The Tulsa entrepreneur moved to make a difference for war torn Syria.

"Two million people may not live through that winter," he said.

"This is the coldest time of year," said Mike Batman. He left Syria 32 years ago.

"And the reason I left was because of the dictatorship," he said.

His own brother was a political prisoner for 16 years. The family didn't recognize him when he was finally let go.

"Have you seen those pictures about the holocaust? He look just like one of them," he said.

He stresses that this is a revolution against a dictator, and not a civil war. A distinction to emphasize a fight for freedom.

"People they could do it no more. They lived for so long. Their children was born in that situation. They grow in that situation. It's bad," he said.

And the winter is making it worse, which is where Noah comes in with a heartfelt blanket drive.

"Each family is taking a picture with the blanket wrapped around their family. We're taking that picture and putting their names and a message, putting it in with the blanket, wrapping it, packaging it, and then it'll be from one family to another," he said.

A single gesture of compassion in the face of monstrous quandary.

"The bigger question to the world is, are you really going to let Syria freeze and starve to death?," asked Roberts.

"Really everybody there living, they are expecting they might die in a minute," said Batman.

If you'd like to donate a blanket, simply drop one off or mail it, along with a family photo, to; Parish of Christ the King, Attn: Noah Roberts/Syria, 1520 S. Rockford, Tulsa, Ok 74120

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