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Successful Pop-Up Shops in Broken Arrow

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Pop-Up Shops are popping up in other communities. They've been a staple in downtown Tulsa for the past three years. This year the Rose District in Broken Arrow took the plunge and invested in the model.

"I knew with all of the construction it was time to start bringing people down here and showing the city, like this is the place to come. So, I thought we can't have empty buildings here and knew that Tulsa did it and it was successful," Broken Arrow Pop-up Shops Organizer Debra Wimpee said.

Wimpee wanted to put unique businesses in the location and one of those businesses is Okie Dirt. With them they brought locally made items and their special Oklahoma red dirt stained shirts, which is the product that started their business a few years ago.

"When my daughter was over in Afghanistan she calls home and says, mom I'm missing home, I have sand everywhere I look, I am missing Oklahoma's red dirt," Owner Okie Dirt Lisa Holt said.

Holt has been traveling the state selling their items at festivals, but wanted to see if retail would be something they could do. This month, the pop-up shop gave them customer feedback and ideas on what they could improve on. The experience for Holt has pushed her to rent a studio space in Broken Arrow where she can have a small retail shop in the front.

Since the pop-up shops were downtown other businesses noticed a change.

"I like the fact that it's very locally owned everyone is kind of keeping the money here locally not the big box stores," Owner Bruhouse Grill Travis Bruton.

Bruton opened Bruhouse Grill at the same time the pop shops went in and noticed that more people are coming downtown to shop and eat. This experiment for the area seems to benefit everyone.

"The fact that I get to move from working in my home to taking it to a studio with a small retail front and still get to travel the state and do festivals is going to be great," Holt said.

Okie Dirt will open their new shop and studio in February near 61st and 145th. In the spring, organizers with the pop-up shops will start looking for new businesses for next year.

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