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Preparing For New Patients After Affordable Care Act

Preparing For New Patients After Affordable Care Act

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More new patients are expected through the doors of Morton Comprehensive Health Services.

"We have excellent providers and nursing staff to be able to accommodate new patients."

Cassie Clayton is the Chief Nursing Officer where the rooms are ready for existing and new patients.

"Some of the ones that we already see didn't have insurance before so we're asking them, we're offering them to be able to sign up."

Help with sign up continued today. Those getting online now for marketplace insurance didn't make the deadline to have health insurance by January first, but they'll make the second one for coverage under the Affordable Care Act starting February 1.

"We ask them how they're going to use their insurance most often. Are they, do they think they're going to have a surgery next year so we'll want to make sure their out of pocket maximum isn't too high for them," says Grace Burke, Director of Senior Outreach & Education."

Some have gotten insurance coverage for 100 dollars a month...or less.

"For folks who don't have a huge income, the subsidies and the tax credits, help a lot. I enrolled a gentleman last week for 8 dollars a month."

With 55 insurance plans available, the choices and technical glitches of market place insurance has clearly scared some people away. "We need folks to give us a call so we can set up an appointment and get them any information they can and we'll schedule an appointment and all they have to bring in with them is income information access to an email address and we'll walk 'em through the process and help them figure out which plan is best for them," adds Burke.

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