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Satan Monument Draws Outrage

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The state capitol inspires awe, but there's concern a new monument would make the area awful.

"Devil, yeah, looks like a devil," said Chauncey Huddleston.

A seven foot tall statue of Satan, proposed by Satanists as a rebuttal to the placing of the Ten Commandments in 2012. The public's general response...

"Absolutely, uh, not," said KJ Lehman.

A sentiment shared by Oklahoma State Senator Rick Brinkley.

"It's never gonna happen. There will never be a monument to Satan on our capitol grounds. It's not part of our culture, it's not part of our history," he said.

It's those two things, culture and history, argue lawmakers, that differentiate and allow the Ten Commandments.

"There is no way that a satanic monument designed with a seat in it for children to come and stare at the eyes of a goat headed deity has any relative relationship to the history or culture of this state," said Brinkley.

Which brings us to another group that takes exception to this statue, goat lovers.

"They do something to the soul, they really calm you down," said Jana Hager.

The Hager's have been raising goats since the 90's, and scoff at the use of such a gentle creature for something so devilish.

"It angers me, it angers me very much because I believe as a goat herder, one of my jobs is to promote the goat, and then when I see this statue with a goat head representing..."

We interrupt this news story due to unruly, although not unholy, goat behavior. The microphone cable became an appetizer. Where were we? Goats as a symbol of evil?

"There isn't anything evil about a goat, nothing," said Hager.

A statue crumbling before its creation, with poor choice in a mascot, and Christians celebrating victory just from the debate.

"If it does anything for the Christian people out there it makes us realize that there are people that if they do worship Satan, that they acknowledge our God exists," said Brinkley.

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