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Owasso Police: Sex Offender Creeped Out Child

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The tension was in the air as parents picked up their children at Mills elementary.

"A gentleman with a camera and a little girl, that's what I've heard," said parent David Day.

Thursday afternoon, 4:30, near 119th and east 77th. A child spots a digital camera pointing right at her.

"There was absolutely no contact, in their words it creeped them out," said Lt. Nick Boatman of the Owasso police department.

Owasso police respond and confront the man who denies taking pictures.

"He's not a resident of Owasso, he had business here and he was working in the neighborhood," said Lt. Boatman.

When police check his background, it comes back, sex offender.

"He's a sex offender due to an incident that happened back in the 90's where there was an accusation of second degree rape, and he was convicted of that crime," said Lt. Boatman.

As fast as word spread, so did outrage.

"Very, very scary," said Day.

"He shouldn't be around kids, he shouldn't be allowed to take pictures, he shouldn't be able to do any of that stuff," said parent Michele Robb.

Actions that left police uneasy, but as for whether a crime was committed?

"There was all kinds of concerned parents asking what do you mean you can take pictures of my kids when they're walking home from school? That in and of itself is not a crime," said Lt. Boatman.

What's more, he was outside of the school zone radius that prohibits sex offenders.

"It's kind of one of those things, how do you take care of it?" asked Day.

"The success of this story is basically that they did contact a parent, they did contact the police, we made contact with the subject, and we're getting information out there so all parents can be alert and know what's going on," said Lt. Boatman.

And from the school, a letter to parents about the incident, including a description; 5 10-11", short sandy red hair, brown eyes, goatee, driving a red Chevy pickup king cab pulling a metal trailer.

"This is a prime time to sit down with your kids and talk about stranger danger," said Lt. Boatman.

"Just tell them to watch out," said Day.

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