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Amnesty on Unpaid Parking Tickets to End Soon

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Tulsa drivers with unpaid parking tickets could be in for a nasty surprise unless they pay up on their share of nearly 19,000 tickets.

The city has been offering an amnesty since Jan. 17 to those with one or more parking tickets on the books. But the free ride is almost over.

The city is urging people to take care of their tickets before Feb. 7, when the amnesty ends. Until then, they can pay the face value of the ticket without any extra fees for court costs or late penalties.

But if offending drivers don't settle up their parking tickets during the amnesty, the associated costs could skyrocket: a $15 ticket could turn into a $200 or $300 one due to additional fees. Drivers could find their car booted or towed by city security officers, who will begin stepping up collection efforts Monday, Feb. 10.

Cars associated with more than one overdue ticket will be added to the Tulsa Municipal Court's nuisance list. Once a vehicle on the list is found, it will be booted and the owner will have until the end of the business day to pay the tickets, court costs and late fees before the vehicle is impounded.

Vehicle owners that have their car impounded by the city's towing contractor can expect a cost of about $200 for the first night and about $20 for additional nights.

Parking tickets can be taken care of by cash or credit card, at City Hall, 175 E. 2nd Street, or at Tulsa Municipal Courts. Other kinds of tickets such as speeding tickets are not covered by the amnesty.

Drivers who aren't sure if they have outstanding tickets can call (918) 596-2100 to check if their car tag number is on the city's list.

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