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Overdue Sales Taxes Owed to City Detailed

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The number crunching at city hall Thursday began with a silver lining in the dark cloud of overdue sales taxes.

"Our collection rate overall is good," said Tulsa city councilor GT Bynum.

Of the billions collected by the tax commission, just a small fraction is past due, but that small fraction has a big number attached; $5,729,828.00

"It's easy for an accountant looking at a sheet to say well, a couple of million dollars, that's a small percentage, but a couple of million dollars funds a lot of police and firefighters," said Bynum.

Of the $5.7 million owed to the city, the vast majority, $5.1 million, is from businesses that are closed. And some have been closed more than three years.

"The opportunity for us to collect anything from them is just about zero," he said.

But hope still exists that the city may one day see the remaining $608,898 from over 400 other businesses.

"The frustration is when we're dealing with tight budget times to see any money that hasn't been collected at all, that has been shorted the citizens of Tulsa," he said.

"I hope they're investigating more," said Tulsa city councilor Jeannie Cue, asking the city do everything it can to make sure that money is collected.

"I know the tax commission, the state's doing what they can, but we have our own issues here that we need to follow up on, so that's very important to me to know that," she said.

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