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Love For Love's Sake

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The conventional thing to do on Valentine's day involves chocolate filled hearts.

"What's up man? Hey can we talk to you for a second?," asked Max Kutz.

But there was nothing conventional about the hearts of some photographers downtown.

"This is $25 to Walmart," said Jenny Kutz.

Handing out gift cards, in exchange for a photo. All part of a project called Love Well.

"I feel like everybody's life could be changed if they just lived their life to love well," said Jenny.

Which is an extremely pure and simple message. Which unfortunately might provoke the question...

"What's the catch?," laughed Jenny.

But there really wasn't one. Sure, she's a minister, and with some of the folks she'd pray.

"For what you have for him, and his future, and his family, in Jesus name. Amen, And know you're loved Wesley," said Jenny.

Aside from that, the only thing they wanted in return was that picture. Which did as much for the people in front of the camera, as it did for the people behind it.

"They're giving me a little bit of a glimpse to who they are, they're giving me permission to access their soul, you know, through their eyes," said Kelbert McFarland.

"We have a web site which they'll have the card which has the web site on there and it will be a place for them to get their photo," said Jenny.

And it's free. Just an expression of love, as hippie as that may sound.

"I get so much joy in just being able to share love. I know it sounds super hippie, but it really is," said Max Kutz.

"I feel like I'm doing what I was created to do, which is to love," said Kelbert.

Still skeptical? Ask yourself why?

"It's sad to me that people would be skeptical of people actually just giving, because I feel that's what people should do," said Jenny.

A Valentine purely from the heart, giving visibility to those we seldom choose to see, and loving just for the sake of loving.

"Oh my gosh, I think the best way you can live your life is just to love people," she said.

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