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Skiatook Blaze Destroys Home

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"Cinder block and ash are all that are left of the Chitwood home. It contained three bedrooms, one bath, and countless hopes and dreams.

"It came from the opposite side of the road over there," said Travis Chitwood

Adding to the shock, the concern of the Chitwoods over how firefighters handled the situation.

"The fire was going over the hill. I talked to the chief up there and said hey, there's a house down there and they said, 'Oh don't worry they're in between it and the fire.' I come back around the corner after making sure that was all right over there, and my house was on fire, I mean just up, gone," he said.

"By the time that we had got on the scene for this house to protect it, it had already moved past us to this house. As we rolled around here to try and protect it from moving south, from moving northbound, this house was already engulfed," said Chad Collins of the Skiatook Fire Department.

I don't want to, but is there a little tension here?" Very much, they just. I mean they were just out talking to me watching the fire and still standing in our driveway watching me do this. They're ok with that, it's very frustrating," said Stacy Chitwood

Stacy captured the heartache on her cell phone as her house went up in flames.

"Like that's the only thing that was going good for us it seemed.

As darkness fell, a disorientated rabbit scoured the landscape, it's eyes eerily reflecting light as intense as the fire.

"It's pretty unbelievable," said Travis.

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