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Quidditch Competition Flies Into Tulsa

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Wizards and witches gathered to watch a magical sporting competition this weekend.

Twenty-one teams from six states have gathered in Tulsa to compete in the International Quidditch Association's Southwest Regional Championship.

Quidditch is the magical sport inspired by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

Members are on sticks and have to score points by putting the Quaffle through the elevated ring shaped goals. The beaters throw red balls, or bludgers, at players while they attempt to score points. Other team members attempt to grab the Snitch, which is a player in all yellow. Catching the snitch ends the game.

Chandler Smith is the Southwest Regional Quidditch director and says people are always surprised when they first learn about the sport. "They're like, 'Quidditch from Harry Potter?' But yes, you should come watch it. You are going to be completely blown away if you do. It's very physical and with it being co-ed and full contact with no pads, it can be dangerous, but it's pretty fun at the same time."

Smith says actual brooms would be too heavy and the bristle would get in the way, so they compete with PVC pipe for efficiency.

The competition is hosted by the Tulsa Sports Commission and features teams from all over the southwest.

The game continues Sunday.

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